Written by Lisanne, 10b

At the end of November, some students of grades 9 and 10 went to London. On Monday we met our host families and stayed with them for five days. On Tuesday we drove through London and got the chance to see some of the famous sights like Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. In the afternoon we went to the Tower of London. We saw the famous ravens, the crown jewels and great armour of different cultures. We took pictures of Tower Bridge and then headed for St Paul’s Cathedral. We got a good view of London – so it was worth taking over 500 steps to the top. After that we went back to our host families and had dinner with them.

On Wednesday we went to Buckingham Palace. The flag was up, so the King was there! After that we walked over to the London Eye. Luckily it didn’t rain, so we could enjoy some more great views of the city. After our 30 minute-ride, we got off the London Eye. In the afternoon we could decide whether we wanted to see the musical „Wicked“ or visit the London Dungeon. My friends and I decided to go to the Dungeon. This was a really creepy experience because of the actors who made it so realistic.

On Thursday we went to Oxford. Sadly we couldn’t visit some of the most famous colleges, but we did a town rallye and, at least, saw many of them from the outside. It rained quite heavily in Oxford. Therefore our lunch break was very welcome – the whole group met at a restaurant where we had burgers.

Friday was already our last day in London. Most of us visited Camden Market. The houses there are really colourful and there is so much to see. In the afternoon we had some more free time, so I took the underground to Chinatown and the M&M-store where I bought a lot of sweets. In the evening we left London and took the ferry back on our way home. If I ever have the chance someday, I will visit London again!